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Lavender seeds as eco-friendly alternative to rice tossing

Monday, November 26th, 2012

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Lavender flowers are becoming a popular replacement for rice or confetti tossing at the newlyweds.

Rice expands inside birds who eat it causing death and many Town Halls and Churches in Umbria now charge a fee for the cleanup of either rice or paper confetti.

Dried lavender flower buds are about the same size rice grains, they smell wonderful and there is no need of cleanup since they are biodegradable and become one with the environment naturally.

Lavender can be placed in cones, small baskets, sachets, or other favor bags for the guest to throw in the air instead of rice as the newlyweds make their exit. The old tradition of throwing rice is intended to give the couple good luck, fertility, and abundance.

This modern day twist represents the old sentiments, but adds a personal touch when the fragrance is released as the guests and married couple crush the buds under their feet.

Another good alternatives to tossing rice are dried or fresh rose petals, bird seed and you blowing bubbles is also a good idea, as no cleanup is needed and it makes beautiful pictures.