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Wedding cupcakes for wedding in Umbria

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Cupcakes Cupcakes wedding Umbria Wedding cupcakes

Whether you’re searching for something out of the norm or are having a more casual wedding, cupcakes are a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Cupcakes are a great wedding idea because they are versatile, come in different colors and flavors and they will add a special fun touch to your wedding.

You can arrange them as you want, as a centerpiece, as wedding favors or using different sizes, heights, types and colors of stands to create a tired cake of cupcakes. They look wonderful and they can become the desert so every guest gets their own piece of the special day.

If you want to do the traditional “cut the cake” you can request a small wedding cake to be placed on top of the stand, which allows you to do the traditional cutting of the cake.

Wedding cupcakes can also easily match any wedding theme and be adorned with trendy decorations.

Cupcakes tend to lend themselves to a much more casual wedding, while a traditional cake is generally preferred for a more elegant event.