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Fun ways to entertain guest at your wedding in Umbria

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

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Weddings are all about bringing friends and family together to celebrate your special day and even more so when it’s a destination wedding in Umbria, where most guests will stay for at least a few days.

Your guests will already be very impressed with your wedding venue in Umbria, the great Umbrian food and the Italian atmosphere but if you want to add a little extra fun to your Umbrian wedding reception, here are a few ideas:

  • Wine tasting: skip the classic welcome cocktail and host a wine tasting instead with great Umbrian wines, typical Umbrian cheeses and cured meats. Display top picks from the Umbrian wine selection and hire a sommelier to introduce the wines.
  • Photo booth: you can either hire a professional photo booth or make your own photo booth with a picture frame hanging from a tree and some fun props.
  • Jazz band: this is a fun way to entertain guests during the aperitifs, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding where guests talk and drink before the seated dinner.
  • Wedding lawn games: adults too enjoy playing games and you could have an Italian bocce game, a corn hole, a mini golf game, big lawn Jenga game… all these games can be personalized with your wedding theme colour or your monograms.
  • Dance competition: if you have a young crowd that loves to dance, you could host a dance competition with prizes for the winners.
  • Table games: have a different game on each table and post easy step-by-step instructions to remind guests how to play. Avoid those that have a difficult setup or takedown and complicated game play; opt for simple favorites like Scrabble, Checkers, Connect Four, Uno or Sorry.
  • The newlywed game: have the MC at your wedding reception have everyone take their seats at their tables and watch the Newlywed Game show featuring the new newlywed couple. The bride and groom take seats in the middle of the dance floor back to back. Then, either using their own shoes or make up small signboards, give each a bride shoe/board and a groom shoe/board. Then the MC asks the bride and groom a series of questions that each will answer independently and therein lies the fun! To see who answers which way.
  • He Says – She Says game: A way to see how well guests really know the bride and groom. Create a list of favorite quotes and sayings from the Bride and Groom. Guests try to guess whether “he said it” or “she said it”.

There are many other games and entertaining ideas you can come up and it’s important that they reflect your style and that they are suitable for your wedding reception in Umbria.

Don’t forget to entertain children at your wedding, there are many ideas also for them which I will write in a future post.