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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015


109-kiss-bride-and-groom- Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake

With Rachel and Michael’s wedding planned last year in September, read the full blog post and see the pictures taken by Cinzia Bruschini of their wonderful Umbrian wedding here.

Italian weddings with baby’s breath are back in fashion!

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

Baby’s Breath (or Gypsophila) is back in fashion and can be used in many ways for your wedding decorations.

I personally prefer to use it on its own, it gives a more contemporary and look, as it has been used a lot as a filler in the past, but if its coordinated with the proper flowers it’s also nice mixed together.

So why not use Baby’s breath for your wedding in Umbria?

Two useful notes: it’s not called Baby’s Breath because of its delicate form, but more because of its odour…and it’s not so inexpensive as many think, as you need large quantities of flowers…

Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (7)

Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (1) Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (3)

Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (5)

Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (2) Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (11)

Wedding in Umbria with Baby's breath

Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (6) Baby's Breath wedding in Umbria (4)

Italian wedding cake and baby's breath

Wedding cardbox tips

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

One small detail that many couples overlook is the card box. That little vessel that’s going to hold all of your wedding cards does not have to be a simple white box.

There are so many unique and fun alternatives that can speak more about your personalities and your wedding theme.

Depending on the style of your wedding,  it could be a birdcage, an old suitcase or a hat box for a vintage themed wedding, a wooden wine box holder for a wine themed wedding, a wicker basket, a wooden box with your initials carved on it, large mason jars decorated with flowers for a country wedding, if you love to travel you could have a globe card holder…….

…………….no matter the style of the box, the wedding and your personality, be sure to provide one as guest feel more comfortable about leaving their card!!

Birdcage-card-box Vintage-suitcase-box



Vintage wedding in Assisi

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

This is a small preview of the photo gallery of Kelly and Patrick’s vintage themed wedding in Assisi, a beautiful Medieval town in Umbria.

Kelly and Patrick got married with a Civil ceremony at the “Sala della Conciliazione” Town Hall,  in the main square of Assisi. After the civil wedding they had pictures and drinks in Assisi in front of the fountain, the Saint Francis church, small streets….

The wedding party then went back to a beautiful country hotel decorated with vintage bird cages, roses, ivy, hearts and lots of candles where they had drinks, dinner and dancing till late…

Wedding in Assisi (2)

Wedding in Assisi (1) Wedding in Assisi (4) Wedding in Assisi (3)

Assisi-decoration Civil-wedding-in-Assisi Assisi-wedding-reception

Assisi wedding

To see the full gallery click here

Mason Jars for a Vintage or Rustic wedding in Umbria

Monday, April 8th, 2013

Umbrian wedding with mason jars (5)

Umbrian wedding with mason jars (2) Umbrian wedding with mason jars (1) Umbrian wedding with mason jars (3)
Mason Jars are great with the vintage and rustic wedding themes that are so in trend at the moment.
You can make beautiful centerpieces, candle holders, lanterns, wedding favors, hang them from trees for decoration and much more…

Have a look at some Umbrian weddings where I incorporated mason jars:

1 romantic wedding with mason jars, tea pots and mercury glasses

2 turquoise wedding with turquoise mason jars and paper lanterns

3 wedding with mason jars, tartan and lace

4 country chic wedding with mason jars, succulents and white flowers

I have also made a pinterest board for you with other ideas, get inspired by them!

Wedding in a Medieval Castle in Umbria

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Wedding in Umbrian Castle (1)

Wedding in Umbrian Castle (2) Umbria medieval castle wedding Wedding in Umbrian Castle (5)

Who among us has not dreamed of becoming the Queen or King of a castle for one day?

Umbrian castles can recreate the perfect location for any type of wedding reception you have in mind, ensuring memorable photographs in private corners between the walls lit by the fire for traditional weddings.

A wedding in an Umbrian castle can be ideal for a Medieval themed wedding, with guests and waiters in period costumes.

If you like to give your wedding in a castle a more modern twist, the choice of two dominant colors, such as white and black, could provide the starting point for many details of your wedding, such as themed décor, flowers, candles, menu’s, wedding favors etc..

For any setting you want to recreate, it is necessary to study in detail decorations, lighting, flowers, music, menus, wedding cake to create a high-impact wedding reception.

We at Italian Wedding Dream can help you achieve your dream wedding in an Umbrian Castle!

Wedding cupcakes for wedding in Umbria

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Cupcakes Cupcakes wedding Umbria Wedding cupcakes

Whether you’re searching for something out of the norm or are having a more casual wedding, cupcakes are a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Cupcakes are a great wedding idea because they are versatile, come in different colors and flavors and they will add a special fun touch to your wedding.

You can arrange them as you want, as a centerpiece, as wedding favors or using different sizes, heights, types and colors of stands to create a tired cake of cupcakes. They look wonderful and they can become the desert so every guest gets their own piece of the special day.

If you want to do the traditional “cut the cake” you can request a small wedding cake to be placed on top of the stand, which allows you to do the traditional cutting of the cake.

Wedding cupcakes can also easily match any wedding theme and be adorned with trendy decorations.

Cupcakes tend to lend themselves to a much more casual wedding, while a traditional cake is generally preferred for a more elegant event.

Customized wine bottles as wedding favors

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

cork-table-holder wine-bottle-with-customized Wine-bottle-table-plan

Nothing makes a wedding day more magical than having some personal touches to the wedding.

Here’s an idea for unique wedding favors for those couples that are wine lovers and want wine to be an important part of the wedding.

Umbria region is renowned for many great wines and it’s possible to request small bottles with no label on the front of the bottle where you can put your own customized label.

Your personalized label can include your names, the date of your wedding, a picture, a thank you note, a poem and can also be made in the same style of your wedding invitations, table names, name tags etc… there is virtually no limit on what you can write on it.

This wedding favor is also a great option if you choose a wine themed wedding, where you could also use corks for the table name holder and the name tags.

Since most likely your wedding party will include also children, you can purchase wine bottles and fill those with M&M’s or other small candies.

The same wine bottle labels could also be used to create a unique table plan with wine bottles hanging from a tree for example or set on a table.

Above are some pictures of customized wine bottles at a wedding held last week close to Todi in Umbria, Italy, with bottles of the “Scacciadiavoli” winery.

Country chic wedding in Umbria

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Country Chic wedding (8) Country Chic wedding (6) Country Chic wedding (2)

Country Chic wedding (23) Country Chic wedding (18) Country Chic wedding theme

One of the latest trends is to have a country chic wedding theme which is perfect for those couples that want to get married in the Umbria region in a villa or old hamlet as it makes the perfect back drop for this kind of wedding theme.

The location is the most important factor, you need to choose a wedding venue that is rustic with a lot of outdoor space with trees, a nice lawn where you could possibly have the reception if the weather is nice.

There are no strict rules and you can use vintage or used items, such as old jam pots filled with flowers, mason jars with candles hanging from trees, old buttons tied around vases with a small thank you card, very simple and rustic flowers as if they have just been picked as table centerpieces in all jars of all different sizes, mason jars hanging from the chairs as pews at the wedding ceremony and many other ideas… there are really no limits to your imagination!

Terracotta wedding centerpieces and wedding favors

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Terracotta-centerpiece Terracotta vases wedding theme (3) terracotta-vase

Terracotta vases wedding theme (1) Terracotta vases wedding theme (2) Wedding terracotta vase

For those that want to use something eco-friendly and typical from the Umbria region, terracotta vases and favors are a great option for your wedding in Umbria.

Terracotta vases and favors come in different shapes and forms, therefore can be easily integrated into the wedding and can be used as centerpieces, wedding favors, candle holders, place names…

Dertuta is one of the most famous towns for ceramics and terracotta pottery in Umbria, Italy.

There are many local potteries that can make vases, candle holders, wedding favors the size and shape you want if ordered on time.

You can use small pots filled with flowers and aromatic herbs to create one big centerpiece which then can be used again as a wedding favor, be sure to have the exact amount of pots as guests at each table.

It’s nice to use different sizes of pots and fill them with different flowers or aromatic herbs to give some movement to the centerpiece. You can also put the table name in one of the pots with a small blackboard and colour each pot in a different colour.

If you use larger pots these can be filled with all kinds of flowers and you even dress them up with ribbons that match your overall wedding colour scheme.

For a nice garden wedding, pots hanging from trees together with some lanterns with candles in it make it a special and romantic atmosphere.

The terracotta can be coloured in different colours, depending on your wedding theme or left as they are for a more rustic and natural look.

For wedding favors it’s possible to buy some beautifully decorated coffee or thee cups, small vases and many other things.