Fruit Theme


This example of fruit wedding theme will link everything to fruit, starting from drinks to cakes, from centerpieces to table plan.

Welcome drink at pool side: serving fruit cocktails made with watermelon, strawberries, peach, melon, coconut, banana, apple….

Seated Dinner: this can start with ham and melon, cheese and pears, figs and ham followed by strawberry risotto, tortellini with orange sauce, lemon scaloppini, orange chicken.
Then you could have break eating a refreshing mixed salad with lettuce, orange, apples, pears and pine seeds.
All the food servings will have a matching wine or fruit cocktail.

Desserts and wedding cake at pool side: selection of fruit desserts and a wonderful fruit wedding cake.

Table plan: every table will have the name of a fruit and the table plan will have fruit decorations.

Tables: fruit decorations matching the name of each fruit that represents that table, small candles, and placeholders with fruit decorations. The centerpieces can also be integrated with flowers as in the picture above which made with flowers, grapes and cherries.
The wedding pair table will have a particular decoration, different from all the other tables as it’s the most important one.

Wedding Favors: confetti creation in tulle, enclosing sugar coated almonds, closed with a small imitation fruit attached to a tiny bottle of Limoncello.