Medieval Theme


Did you ever dream of being a princess for a day? Running away with your prince on a white horse? Then this is the perfect wedding theme for you, surrounded by ancient medieval castles and medieval towns well preserved in the Umbrian hills.

Wedding invitations: choose an appropriate paper, such as heavy parchment and have an intricate decoration in gold color. Evoke the theme with your language and open with Hear Ye Hear Ye, or Let it Be Known Throughout the Land. You may also want to ask your guests to come in period dress.

Wedding dress: white wedding dresses were not in style during the Middle Ages, blue was the traditional symbol of purity. Often a band of blue ribbon would be worn by the bride and groom and bridal dresses could have been any color.

If you’re looking for a true medieval wedding dress have a blue one, but you could also blend the two traditions and wear a white medieval wedding dress with blue trim.

Wedding suit: men should wear doublets, breeches and hose.

Wedding reception: fire torches all around, Medieval flags, chandeliers, straw, decorations made with laurel leaves, spades, shields, arches and arrows, colored sheets hung on the ceiling and decorations made with flowers on the floor. Waiters in Medieval costume.

Tables: wooden tables, earthenware plates, vases and wine jugs. Centerpieces made with flowers, laurel leaves and old chandeliers.

Table plan: written in calligraphic art on heavy parchment.

Menu: this will recall Medieval dishes.

Means of transport: bride comes in on a horse with sidesaddle.

Entertainment: juggler, live musicians, and a dance instructor/leader to show the guests how to “round dance” properly.