San ValentinoSan Valentino torta

Valentines Theme


Every year in the month of February Terni celebrates Saint Valentine, the patron saint of the town, with a series of cultural and religious meetings.
So why not celebrate your wedding on the 14th of February in the city of lovers?
This wedding theme is perfect for the couples who have a romantic idea of their wedding and want to say “yes I do” on Valentines day in the city of lovers.
Everything will be around romance and love.

Wedding invitations: Love is… themed cards.

Wedding car: Volkswagen old Beetle, white with red flower decorations and ribbons.

Wedding reception: red carpet at the entrance of the restaurant with white rose petals, the ceiling of the restaurant will be decorated with heart shaped balloons.

Tables: white table cloths, red napkins, centerpieces made with a glass bowls filled with water, red roses and white candles.
Red petals distributed on the white table cloths and on each white plate decorations with red heart shaped confetti’s.

Table plan: every table will be named by the word love in different languages (love, amore, amour, lievde, liebe, amor…) and a love poem in each language.

Wedding cake: single tier cake shaped in the form of a heart.

Wedding favors: small red boxes enclosing sugar coated almonds and a love phrase.