Table flowers

Winter theme


This example of winter wedding theme will link everything to this season, starting from the decorations of the wedding reception to the food and the atmosphere.
Although most couples opt to have their weddings in warmer weather, winter weddings can be very elegant and appealing.
To set the tone of this wedding, we use traditional winter colors such as silver and white of ice and snow, which can be beautifully incorporated into the wedding decorations and flower arrangements.
A fireplace with a burning fire, the room filled with candles, small white lights across doorways and archways will give this wedding a welcoming and warm winter feeling.

Wedding reception: decorated with white rose petals, candles and small white lights across doorways and archways.

Buffet style aperitif: every table has a different selection of aperitifs, one with a wide selection of cheeses, one with pate’s, one with typical Umbrian cold cuts, one with all kinds of bruschettas and all are served with a typical Umbrian red wine.

Seated Dinner : soup of spelt and lentils, spaghetti with clams, barbecued meat, fish in the oven, roasted potatoes and a mixed salad.

Desserts served buffet style: a selection of tarts and puddings.

Tea corner: a wide selection of black, spiced, green teas and also infusions.

Chocolate corner: selection of different kinds of hot chocolates to drink and also a selection of chocolates to eat.

Open bar: serving punch, vin brulè, grappa’s and cocktails.

Wedding cake: white chocolate cake, filled and garnished with white chocolate inside and out.

Tables: white table cloths, centerpieces made with a glass vase which contains water and floating candles surrounded by white roses and silver ribbons.
The wedding pair table will have a particular decoration, different from all the other tables as it’s the most important one.

Table plan: every table will be named by a different kind of winter tree (pine, mistletoe, juniper, fir….) and the wedding table will be the table of snow. The table plan will have painted trees and on the branches are the names of the guests which are seated on that table.

Wedding favors: confetti creation in tulle, enclosing sugar coated almonds, closed with a small silver ribbon attached to a Swarosky crystal (which could be a small animal, a necklace..).