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Gubbio is one of the most ancient towns in Umbria, remaining marvelously well-preserved over the centuries, with many monuments that bear witness to its glorious past.

The houses in Gubbio are lovely with ancient-style designs and unique rooftops and many of the homes in Gubbio were constructed around the 14th and 15th centuries, originally inhabited by wealthy merchants. The Middle Ages come alive as you walk the streets of Gubbio.

There are many sites to see such as the Roman Theater, Roman Mausoleum, Palazzo dei Consoli, the Duomo and the Church of S. Francesco.

A famous event is held each year on May 15 called the Corsa dei Ceri (Race of the Candles), where three teams race to the church of S. Ubaldo while holding a statue of their particular saint mounted on a candle.

Other interesting events take place in Gubbio year round, from crossbow competitions to theatrical performances and carnivals. During the Christmas season, the world’s largest Christmas tree can be seen in Gubbio.

Needless to say that in Gubbio there are a lot of possibilities for a wedding ceremony, there are beautiful churches and the Town Hall is spectacular, you can admire a panorama from the square in front of the Town Hall that encompasses the entire Umbrian valley: it’s really amazing!

For the wedding reception you can choose the option you like best, from an ancient castle, to a villa with pool or a typical Umbrian restaurant, it’s up to you.