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St. Valentine is not only the patron saint of Terni, but also the protector of lovers. He spread the message of true love, it is said that he had the holiness to perform miracles, like healing the old and infirm.

Valentine lived in the 3rd century and dedicated his life to the Christian community of Terni, becoming also the first bishop of the town, and many are the legends handing down his life and his actions.
Loved very much by the Umbrian people, the fame of his holiness and of his miracles reached Rome too, and his name was always linked with love because of a fact that in that time provoked a strong clamour: St. Valentine, according to the tradition, was the first religious person who celebrated a marriage between a pagan man and a Christian woman.
Persecuted and sentenced to death in Rome, the Saint was martyred on the 14th February, along the Via Flaminia, and buried very quickly to prevent riots by the Christians.
The legend tells that three of his disciples managed to find the body and transfer it to Terni to bury the Saint in a sacred place.
Since then the 14th February has become the day dedicated to love and lovers: a great number of believers go to the Basilica of S. Valentino, erected to honour the Saint, to invoke his protection and his blessing.

Each year, on February 14, many couples celebrate their marriage in the Basilica of San Valentino and many married couples who have reached the twenty-fifth or fiftieth year of marriage renew the commitment of their relationship.
On St. Valentine’s Day in the town of Terni many initiatives take place, exhibitions, fairs and cultural events which attract a great deal of people.

The town of Terni, in spite of the heavy bombardments suffered during the Second World War, preserves, in its historic nucleus, interesting works of art from the past, among which an important place is occupied by the ancient sacred buildings.

The most interesting churches are the Basilica of San Valentino, where lies the body of St Valentine, the Cathedral, of Roman origin and dedicated to S. Maria Assunta and the church of San Salvatore, a very particular church.

In all the above mentioned churches it’s possible to have a catholic wedding.

Fot the wedding reception, there are many options and one of them is also to have it on the shores of the nearby Lake Piediluco.

Being in Terni, you can’t miss a visit to the Marmore Water Falls, they are among the greatest and most astonishing views of nature!