Flowers at weddings in Umbria


Flowers symbolize new beginnings and have been used on every continent of the world for thousands of years to mark the wedding celebration.
Wedding flowers can be used to adorn the bride, the groom, the attendants, the bridal party, the wedding venue, the reception tables, the bridal vehicles and just about anything else requiring a touch of magic for that special day! The choice and composition of floral arrangements is an art that does not require only good taste, but also skill and experience. The style of the floral compositions must complement the venue, and it is also appropriate that the floral arrangements for different places go together well in order to create a dominant choreography that characterizes the whole wedding.
The choice of floral arrangements therefore depends on many factors, as the venue which has to be decorated, the style of the ceremony, your personal taste, the time of the year when the wedding will take place and the colour of the bride’s dress.
Because I treat each and every wedding as completely unique I will create together with you the perfect flower arrangements for your wedding.

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