wedding reception

For us Italians, food is a very important factor in our daily lives, food is synonymous of pleasure and companionship, which is why the wedding reception has a fundamental aspect that goes from finding the right ingredients for our typical dishes as per tradition to their display when served. We will assist you in the choice of a menu that matches with the season, location, the time of day when the wedding reception will take place and reflecting your particular tastes, always choosing high quality foods combined to matching wines so to create a tailored menu for you!

Besides the choice of the menu we will also advise you in the following parts:

  • Decoration of the reception venue with flowers, lamps, candles, exalting the beauty of the location.
  • Table plans, placeholders and menus for your guests.
  • Choice between seated reception, buffet reception or mixed reception (example: appetizers and starters served buffet style, first courses with side dishes served seated and desserts and wedding cake served buffet style).
  • Arrangement and laying of the tables and buffet.
  • Alternative menu for children and / or for people with food intolerances.
  • Entertainment for children.

Whatever your tastes and budget, we will assist you in planning the wedding reception of your dreams!